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The Floating Philosopher

The Floating Philosopher is a blog and podcast completely written, edited and published from a small sailboat that bounces around the watery parts of the world.


An Introduction

For a long time I have been looking for a way through this world, always searching for a better path than the one I stand on.  Each day I ask myself, “What is the way forward, and how do I get the most out of this life?”  This manner of thinking has led me to many different places, where I have come into contact with such interesting characters, all doing exactly the same thing as me; simply trying to make the most out of life. 


A little over a year ago I made a promise to myself to become more disciplined and to better understand both myself and those I interact with in order to find what makes a life worth living.  I set out to interview 100 people and create a podcast to discover their path to happiness.  I was able to interview two people before I was once again lost.


This time I have decided to look for inspiration in a few of the great minds that have come before us, to read and understand some of the most influential texts in human history.  Many of these writers, philosophers, and religious texts are written in a cryptic or outdated manner making it difficult for the person living a normal life to find the time to dissect and truly understand their meaning.  


With this in mind I have created a youtube series, podcast and blog to document my journey learning how to live a better life.  I have taken the time to decipher the writing and texts to provide everyday people a way to access some of the most powerful things ever written.  I do not claim to be anything other than a person trying to help himself and others, I just hope that the podcast and blog will give people some entertainment and perhaps a different perspective as we continue to grow and better ourselves.

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