The Floating Philosopher


Welcome to!  My name is Damond Goodwin and I currently live on a small sailboat.  I have learned many lessons on my path to achieving my dream of sailing full time.  From this experience I created Floating Philosopher in order to better understand happiness and the path to self betterment.  


After about six months of cruising up and down the east coast of the United States I began to feel empty, and that my life had little purpose.  Even though I had achieved my wildest dream of traveling the ocean with my own sailboat, I had fallen short of my ultimate goal; to  be happy. I realized that we need goals and aspirations to feel fulfillment in this world. So in order to continue on my path I decided to create a platform to help others, people like you, see their wildest dreams come to fruition.

Floating Philosophy Vol I

I have written a small book on the basic principles I have used to achieve my goals.  The book can help serve as a loose guideline to follow and provide lessons that you don't have to live through to learn from.  For those who would like a more hands on approach I am available for hire.  Since I want you to succeed,  I will give you a small questionnaire so I can get a better understanding of who you are before we move forward.


The Podcast

I have also recently started a podcast where I interview different people I meet on my journey.  The idea is to get the life lessons and philosophy of a life well lived from people who have lived big lives.  I hope you follow along, because these wonderful people have something to teach all of us.  


A Second Book

After each interview I will distill the life lessons of those interviewed into a chapter for a book.  This book will be the second version of Floating Philosophy.  I believe that the second version of the book will have value and texture from many different walks of life.  I think that we will see trends between each and every one of these people that will lead us to a common theme on what makes life great.  It should offer us a much stronger base to build lives of fulfillment out of.