Do You Really Need Fancy Tools?

I’ve found it best to wait to buy the fancy tool unless there is no alternative. I have fallen into this trap on many different occasions. I know that I am not the only one who does this, because I have seen it happen time and time again. We find an interest, new hobby, or job that we need to do. Instead of getting by with what we have or using pre owned or cheaper tools we go for the best tool for the job. Subconsciously I think we truly believe that we are going to transform into a new character who lives and breathes this new passion. The reality is, unless we have spent a significant amount of time doing something, it is unlikely going to be transformative.

A mallet and plane I made but never used.

For example, I have bought a complete set of woodworking tools that I used to complete my last boat. When I was buying the tools I really believed that I would use them in the future so I spent a lot of time refurbishing old antique hand tools. The cost of the tools was cheap but the amount of time and effort I put into fixing them amounted to more time than I actually spent using them. In the end I gave them away. What a complete waste of money and energy that would’ve been better spent on something more productive, like actually working on the boat.

I have also witnessed the exact scenario in many of my favorite friends and relatives. They will get an obsession about a new hobby or object of their desire. They truly believe in their minds that they are about to transform into a new person because of the object they are lusting after. Car enthusiasts believe that if they save up and get the next best car they will suddenly be a more serious racer or offroad master. People who rarely fish, will often have the best fishing equipment on the market collecting dust in their closet. Sometimes these items never get used.

There are marinas across the country filled with boats that people pay hundreds of dollars a month to, in order to keep a boat they never use. Why is it that we do these things? Why pay for something we have rarely used and in some cases may never use again? Storage units are popping up around the country in record numbers, to hold objects that rarely see the light of day. So next time, let’s think before we buy something. Is it an absolute necessity to buy this “thing,” and will it really deliver the happiness and transformation we see in our mind?

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