Take Care of Your Boat and It Will Take Care of You

As someone who lives on the water, my safety is completely reliant on the safety of my boat. If the boat is safe, then so am I. I spend a significant amount of time fixing and upgrading my boat to make her safer and easier to handle. A boat is never finished and there will always be something to break or fail along the way. The ocean has a magnificent way of teaching us everything we did wrong with that really “good” idea we had.

I think that our lives are not so different from the life of a boat. If we take the time and effort to maintain and upgrade our lives, we will have a more pleasant experience in this world. How is it we think we can just sit idle and expect life to come to us? I do not think my boat will sail itself, so why should I believe that my life will live itself?

It takes effort to have a fulfilling life. Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves is not the path to a better life. When we believe that we have gotten the short end of the stick, we truly have received the lesser half; perception is much too often reality. If we think that we have gotten the short end of the stick but decide to move on anyway, we gain back some control over our own destiny.

Once we change our thinking, suddenly the world starts to open up to us and become brighter. I recently went through this exact scenario. I felt that I had finally hit rock bottom, funds were low and so was morale. I was seeing the world through a negative lens. For an entire day I sat and sulked around. I'm not proud of it, but I was able to pull myself together. In fact, this article has helped me to perceive the world the way I want to.

When I thought about my circumstance, I was only looking at what I didn’t have, not what I did have. A simple change in thinking showed me opportunities that were previously hidden. I realized that I had all the tools necessary to create a podcast, my book, and create a platform to help people achieve their goals. My life was changed for the better because I started looking for the good and not the bad.

I’m not going to say my life is miraculously transformed and there are rainbows coming down around me. That is simply not the case. My life is still life, and I’m just living like everyone else. The difference between now and when I felt like I was losing, is I feel like I have opportunity. The difference is huge. So the next time we feel down, we have to try and shift focus to the good instead of the bad.

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