Floating Philosophy Volume I.  (coming soon!)

Floating Philosophy Vol I will be published soon.  The book includes ten short chapters on different things I have observed to be a big help to me when trying to achieve my goals.  It details social behaviors I have noticed over time, financial advice I wish I would've learned much sooner, and beneficial thought patterns I follow.  

I have written it as a way to learn more about my own thoughts, with the idea that some who read it might benefit from my writing.  I do not offer it as anything more than a thought experiment, and it has been a goal of mine to publish something.  

Moving forward I want to create Floating Philosophy Vol II which will be a book including 100 different interviews of people I meet in my travels.  I think this sort of work can be a real learning experience for myself and anyone who reads it.  It will be a combination of 100 different lives, and over 1000 years of experience boiled down into a readable work of art.  The podcast will allow us to get a better understanding of each person and adds a new element to how the life lessons will be learned.